PDO Thread Training Courses

PDO-Thread Training Courses

Apollo Med Innovations is now holding Educational PDO Thread Lifting & Combination Treatment Seminars! 

Grow your practice and become a trained PDO Thread Expert on FDA-cleared MIRACU® PDO Threads, the only thread with its own FDA K Number (K172602).

Limited class sizes taught by world-renowned practitioners with a 5:1, student to instructor ratio. All indication models supplied by Apollo Med Innovations.

We have recently expanded our successful MIRACU® PDO Threads training curriculum by adding a new Introductory course and an Advanced Specialty Thread course to augment our highly-successful Master training course. This will enable us to provide quality education to the medical community, bring the value of the FDA-cleared MIRACU® thread line to all medical professionals and expand our training offerings to appeal to a broader audience than ever before.



Want a free preview of the things we’ll cover in our training course before you register for an actual training course? Join us for one of our upcoming PDO Thread Webinar Training Course Previews. Lead by world-renowned PDO Thread practitioner and educator, Dr. Michael Schreiber, our online info sessions we’ll give you, as a medical professional, a sneak peek into the training courses and provide insights on how you can grow your practice with FDA-Cleared MIRACU® PDO Threads.

Introductory Course

The Introductory course, priced at $599, is designed for medical professionals exploring the addition of PDO Threads into their practice. This course includes background on the history of PDO threads, how and why PDO threading is so effective for lifting and contouring the face, neck and other parts of the body, the economics of PDO threads, as well as live demonstrations of the most popular PDO thread procedures. This course is intended to provide a solid foundation of learning and to show practitioners the value of bringing PDO threads into their practice.

Upcoming 2019 Introductory Course Dates:

  • New York, NY – August 23  NOW OPEN for Registration
  • Dallas, TX – September 20  NOW OPEN for Registration
  • Orlando, FL – September 27
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 11
  • Los Angeles, CA – October 25
  • Atlanta, GA – November 8
  • New York, NY – December 6


Master Training Course

Our popular Master course is designed to provide medical professionals the hands-on experience needed to offer PDO thread procedures in their practice immediately. In this course, practitioners will learn basic and advanced techniques for safely inserting threads in all face, neck and body types. Attendees will utilize MIRACU® ’s extensive array of barbed and sharp needles to achieve superior skin tightening and lifting outcomes and to reduce patients’ facial volume loss. Practitioners will perform procedures for the most requested treatments including facelifts, neck lifts and a more natural-looking lip flip.

Upcoming 2019 Master Training Course Dates:

  • New York, NY – August 24  NOW OPEN for Registration
  • Dallas, TX – September 21  NOW OPEN for Registration
  • Orlando, FL – September 28
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 12
  • Los Angeles, CA – October 26
  • Atlanta, GA – November 9
  • New York, NY – December 7


Advanced Specialty Thread Course

Advanced Specialty Thread course is designed for medical professionals already using PDO threads in their practice but want to utilize MIRACU® Specialty PDO threads to provide patients with expanded treatment options. The updated MIRACU® line of PDO threads now includes the new Meshfill and Line, a cone anchored thread. These threads add to the already impressive MIRACU® specialty thread lineup that includes the Broom, Screw, Double Screw and Forte. These specialty threads, available exclusively from MIRACU®, can be used alone or in combination with organic and synthetic fillers to provide patients with improved outcomes. Medical professionals who participate in this course will receive advanced training on expanded patient diagnostic techniques, extensive hands-on education, as well as a didactic session focused on the value and efficacy of these new threads. As with the Apollo Master training courses, the Advanced Specialty Thread course will provide for a ratio of no less than 1 Doctor Trainer for every 5 attendees and is designed to provide practitioners with enough hands-on experience to feel comfortable adding these specialty PDO threads to the practice after training.

Upcoming 2019 Advanced Specialty Thread Course Dates:

  • New York, NY – August 25  NOW OPEN for Registration
  • Dallas, TX – September 22  NOW OPEN for Registration
  • Orlando, FL – September 29
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 13
  • Los Angeles, CA – October 27
  • Atlanta, GA – November 10
  • New York, NY – December 8

I really enjoyed the Apollo course. Having been trained in [another supplier’s] course prior to this, I can no longer consider what that [supplier] did a “training.” It was both a pleasure and an honor to work alongside such talented and motivated professionals. I am very appreciative for the advice, the expertise, and the time the ApolloMed instructors spent with all of us. It feels like a breath of fresh air to see so many other people that have as much passion for this area of medical aesthetics as I do, and gives me a support team that I know will always have my back. Thank you again! – Kristi W., ARNP-C