Part I: What is PDO threading?

by Michael Schreiber, DO

PDO (polydioxanone) Thread Lifting is a new and exciting addition to Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medical practices. In actuality, it represents a confluence of several market forces that have been independently evolving. For many years now, the popular trend has been decidedly away from invasive, surgical options for restoring youth and vitality to the face and body. This trend has been supported – and buoyed – by the introduction of non-invasive and minimally-invasive technology, affording less expensive alternatives, with little to no downtime. And energy technology has advanced over the last 20 years, from a limited number of ablative lasers, to the present situation, where there is a plentiful array of non-ablative platform options for just about any skin type. Threads have followed a similar evolutionary course, with many of the earlier market attempts failing to capture the public’s imagination. This was due, in part, to poor outcomes and serious complications. Fortunately for Apollo Med Innovations, that is no longer the case. While some of the early-style threads remain available (e.g., Silhouette, Mint), as you will soon discover, today’s PDO threads are a completely different animal. Rather than being a single-solution product (i.e., facial V-Lift), current PDO threads are a “toolbox” from which the properly-trained practitioner can design and produce any number of procedures on the face, neck, and body… limited only by the imagination.

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